Cisco Street Lenz Photography


It all started when I saw a few images on Facebook.  I kept watching after I had made a connection with his page.  He made a connection with my page and sent me a request to photograph me.  I was cool with that so we set a time and made it happen.  It was like a weekend or something and he came by in that part of the day when the sun was making its descent.  We didn’t have much time and I was on my way to Pasadena after we finished up!

We didn’t think we would get too much but so happens the photos were awesome!  We made a connection in person and a real friendship ensued.  We haven’t been able to shoot again – YET – we will again as we are in talks to.  Aside from all of that I can’t say enough about his style, and the way he captures the moment with such raw honesty.  His images are caught (lovingly) in this time where the image of our people need to be truthful and without stereotype.  He doesn’t always show what’s perfect, rather he serves us spirit! From behind his camera he is loving and brotherly.  He is a true California personality.  Also known as Angel Rodrigues. Check out his work!

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A few of my favorites





streetlenzView more of Cisco Streetlenz work

By: Karen Gibson Roc



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Hi, my name is Karen Gibson Roc and I am the creator and curator of NevahBlackDown. I am a Mother first and foremost. Poetry is my gift and I use it to speak to my own heart as well as those who choose to let my words in. NevahBlackDown is an ongoing conversation that I am choosing to have with those who care to listen. I share my work and the work of others who feel that art, voice, and expression is a powerful means to spark change, share positive imagery and inspiration.

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