Benjamin Clementine Live on The Tonight Show

NevahBlackDown features Benjamin Clementine performing Cornerstone

Live on The Tonight Show! –Summer of 2016

What can I say about this genius! He is one of the most talented artists I have ever had the pleasure of hearing.  I love the fact that he considers himself a poet!  I came across him through a friend from Spain.  I was mesmerized.  His voice, visual, and music ability is astonishing! I am sharing this because he is a powerful black performer and at the same time he is “simply” an amazing performer. His image, honest poetry and passionate delivery is inspiring and unlike most I have seen or heard in todays musical landscape. Please check out Benjamin Clementine

more info for Benjamin Clementine here

by: Karen Gibson Roc


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Hi, my name is Karen Gibson Roc and I am the creator and curator of NevahBlackDown. I am a Mother first and foremost. Poetry is my gift and I use it to speak to my own heart as well as those who choose to let my words in. NevahBlackDown is an ongoing conversation that I am choosing to have with those who care to listen. I share my work and the work of others who feel that art, voice, and expression is a powerful means to spark change, share positive imagery and inspiration.

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