Ajamu Kojo –an Artist We Should All Know

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It’s funny because Ajamu is a person that was a little on the periphery of my circle.  I was much closer to his wife and good friend which happened to be my best friend.  We have come to know a little bit more about each other since I left Brooklyn and ventured to Los Angeles.  Social media being one of the ways that I grew to love Ajamu’s work. He was one of my first choices to do a piece on when I launched this blog.  I feel he represents everything that I am trying to encompass and share here on this page.

However, how do I begin to write about someone that reaches beyond words with his work?  How do I write about someone who pours his soul onto canvas with such elegance?  I will skip the how and I will keep it to as few words as possible as I feel the interesting thing here is the ART AND THE ARTIST.

“All of my works are in some way linked by recurring formal concerns through the subject matter. The composition is of course influenced by said subject matter.

Each series often consists of multiple works, often in the same range of medium, grouped around specific themes and meanings. Through research and production new areas of interest arise and lead to the next body of work.” Ajamu Kojo

The Otherlies Series (Voyeurism)

o•ther•ly noun \uhth-er-lee\

1.  A term of endearment and respect for those one admires. It is a non-label for those that can’t be labeled or categorized.

“This series of paintings is based upon intimate and candid moments with women who have allowed me to crack the veneer of how they are normally viewed. All compositions are rendered from original photography by the artist.” Ajamu Kojo

Check out a conversation with Ajamu and the Huffington Post

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 10.55.03 AM
Black Blood, No.1: In the spirit of John, Loula & Joanna Williams family; Entrepreneurs 
Mischtechnik on linen  6ʼX8ʼ
Black Blood, No.6: In the spirit of Sam & Lucy Mackey, Progressives; Real Estate 2017 Mischtechnik on linen 6’X8′

His most recent work “The Black Wall Street” is a profound look at the history  of the Greenwood Community that was the home to one of the most successful Black economies in American History.  The exhibit @ The Sheen Center in NYC featured 6 pieces of his work that depicted the descendants via live recreated situations and subjects.

“The beauty of the work stands alone in their audacity to reveal and strengthen a community of people today.” KGR

Check out the above video: an interview with BK live and video of a pre produced photoshoot that laid the groundwork for the images that Ajamu later painted!

Check out Global Style Gypsy’s article about the event: The Black Wall Street Exhibit

Inspiration Series
“As part of an evolving series, these works serve as an outlet where I can loosely flesh out ideas I find interesting, with the intent of further developing them into paintings, sculptures, etc.” Ajamu Kojo

Ajamu uses his artistic tools to pay tribute to his subjects and to bring us his audience into his expression.  He doesn’t shy away from striking a chord with truth.  He doesn’t water down his gift to make anyone feel better or more comfortable.  He turns up his light during this tumultuous time we now live in. His power and determination elevate the phrase —#NEVAHBLACKDOWN !!!

Ajamu is originally from Little Rock Arkansas, now residing in Brooklyn, NY.

To find out more about the artist and to check out more of his work, check links below! KGR

Ajamu Kojo on instagram

Official Website

Ajamu Kojo on Facebook


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  1. You picked a great person to launch your blog with. Ajamu Kojo is intellectually a genus, a great artisartis and an even better Spiritual being.

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