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The Bearded Dapper Gents are Emissaries of Change

So, as usual, I was perusing the internet for stories when I stumbled upon an article talking about these brilliant Black men making an impactful change on the world and society at large.  The article is entitled: “Sean John and This Company Are Working to Change the Perception of Black Men” read more HERE I visited […]

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The Power of Neycha

A rockstar…a healer…the embodiment of love blowing into any room.  Her fiery forward nature is what makes Neycha a force to be reckoned with.  She is transformation coupled with empowerment. A much-needed feminine force unto the world. For 18+ years, K. Neycha Herford, the founder and CEO of The ReMixed Life™ and creator of TheCrossfade™,  has […]

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locked up inside we all hide from each other hiding inside of boxes trying not to get swallowed up by crates full of promises like American Dreaming piling up like things that get heavier and heavier as the nights go on and days grow longer STAY AWAKE SHE SAID STAY AWAKE HE SAID LET’S STAY AWAKE […]

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