The Bearded Dapper Gents are Emissaries of Change


So, as usual, I was perusing the internet for stories when I stumbled upon an article talking about these brilliant Black men making an impactful change on the world and society at large.  The article is entitled: “Sean John and This Company Are Working to Change the Perception of Black Men” read more HERE

I visited the website so I could find out more:

Their Mission: To change the perception we have of one another, by inspiring each other to be great.

bearded 3

Bam! just what I was looking for.  A fashion story, an inspirational story, a story making a difference in our young men of color.  I found them and their story extremely authentic and enriching.  The way they bring light to the mentorship arena is empowering.  This picture often times gets pushed aside in favor of so many negative stories/images about black men in this country.

The Bearded Dapper Gents was created by George Myrie, 37, and his friends Darrell Moore, 30, Arthur “Nestlé” Hylton, 33, and Collis Torrington, 36, as a way to break down the negative perceptions of Black men in America. Day by day, the organization works towards presenting Black men in a positive light.

The BDG actively seeks out young men to assist. The three organizations Bearded Dapper Gents works with most frequently include:

bearded 2

1. Pens of Power: A non-profit organization that has a program that works with the youth in literacy and mentoring.

2. Foster Care Unplugged: A non-profit organization that works with children in the foster care system and has their best interest at heart.

3. 100 Suits for 100 Men: A non-profit organization that rehabilitates males that have been released from prison.

“While they have built a collection of images that are nothing less than awe-inspiring, make no mistake, they are far more than just a group of handsome, bearded faces. 
In addition to changing the narrative and the visual of urban black men, these brothers are also impacting change in their communities by not only mentoring young black men but also grooming them from the inside out.” 

bearded 5“We want to outfit young men with tailored suits because many have never experienced how it feels to wear one. A man’s outward appearance can change his whole perception and views on life and give him the confidence he needs to succeed.”

Huffington Post

All day long we accept what is fed to us in the way of black imagery through visual stimuli. Through stories like this, we can choose how we absorb positivity. We can help make changes that count by sharing information like this. There is an innovative and enriching story here! Share it! and #NEVAHBLACKDOWN



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