Patrick Dougher: Art, Artist, Activist, ​and Human Being Combined

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 11.02.34 AMPatrick Dougher was born and raised in Brooklyn. He is an artist, musician, and educator with over 30 years’ experience as a fine artist and drummer/percussionist and over 20 years’ experience in working for community-based arts and social justice organizations. He has worked as an Art Therapist at Kings County Hospital, a youth counselor and program coordinator at Project Reach NYC and assistant curator at The Museum of African Art. Patrick recently stepped down is the Program Director of Groundswell, NY premier public art and community mural organization. He has made art, music and the education and socio-emotional support of the underserved youth of the city his life’s mission.

Patrick Dougher is an artist for the pure and simple love of art! There is no seperation between himself and the work that he presents. We at Nevahblackdown feel he epitomizes the true artist, the artist that makes and creates art because he must, because his soul would not have it any other way. We admire his tenacity to create beautiful art that makes a statement regarding BLACKNESS, we revel in his magnificent energy and character that raises the vibration amongst us!   –Nevahblackdown

“I Am Not A Tamed Lion” says Patrick who is a Brooklyn Born Artist/Musician/Poet/ Soul Rebel & Warrior King on a Spiritual Quest!

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 11.45.09 AMPatrick is best known for his God Body series, it conceptualizes his sacred subjects on mostly recycled materials, collage and multimedia platforms with preference to public spaces.  One of the signature details, often found in his works, utilize the sun sphere as a backdrop to his subject.  In this way, these pieces explicitly assign spiritualism to the sacred black body. Dougher has produced multidimensional portraits of Blackness that honor and catalogs the Afro-diasporic presence of divinity.  The audience will be able to engage this artwork with empowering perspective that dispels the stereotypical narratives surrounding the black body.  (description of artwork from Patricks last show called “Portraiture in Sacred Conversation”)


“KNOWLEDGE” Acrylic/Mixed-Media on canvas 36″ x 48″
African Terrestrial
“AFRICAN TERRESTRIAL” Acrylic/Multi-Media on Canvas 16″x20″
STUBBORN DREAMER Acrylic Mix/Mult-media on canvas 20″x24″

Above and below is some of the work that I personally love, please check out Patricks Instagram page to really delve into this most amazing artist and his works!

A Short Piece of Writing by Patrick Dougher (caught my attention and impressed me – from FaceBook)

As I left my house on this beautiful Sunday morning the first thing I witnessed was a powerful beautiful black man running down the middle of the street shoeless and naked except for his boxer shorts. He had just jumped out of a second-floor window. He was running into oncoming traffic, eyes bloody red, swinging powerful roundhouse punches at invisible enemies, shouting and raging in a voice as deep and rich as Barry Whites. His words were unintelligible except for the word “NIGGER”. He was out of his mind on K2 or Dust. He was insane with rage. He was being ridden by a demon. He was crazy with self-hate. He was suicidal and trying to commit murder, was trying to kill what he hated. He was trying to murder a nigger.,.
My brother Bandit died at 55 yrs old in July. He drank and drugged himself to death. The last time I saw him was 3 yrs ago at my uncle Danny’s funeral. My uncle had drank and drugged himself to death at 55 yrs old too. After the funeral Bandit and I took a walk. I told him that if he didn’t stop he’d end up like Danny soon. He said “That’s how a nigger like me supposed to die. From drinking & drugging or getting shot or in jail”. He said it like a joke.
Bandit was smarter than me, handsome, charming, strong & talented. He often started sentences with “A nigger like me…”
He was suicidal too. He chose a slow miserable death. He murdered a nigger.
I hate this system. This system that insidiously causes us, black men, to internalize self-hate that manifests as rage against ourselves and those that look like us. That drives us insane and breaks us. That has us drinking and taking drugs to numb the pain. That has us jumping out of windows on beautiful Sunday mornings and throwing punches at invisible demons calling them Nigger. That has us hate us.

I love me and I love us. I can only fight hate with love. That is what I intend to do with every bit of energy God grants me.

I love you…

Patrick Dougher

I sit in meditation every morning. This practice heals and centers me. It allows me to be balanced and fully present. It is also when I get answers, creative inspiration and divine direction. Last week as I sat the clear thought came to me “Take some of your African masks and go take pictures wearing them on Bed-Stuy streets…”So random but I no longer question direction…

Patrick Dougher

It was such an amazing journey finding out about this most amazing artist.  Writing/organizing this piece took me to many places both inside and out! I admire him, his work and like I said before, his presence amongst us! Check him out, follow his Instagram page because you won’t be disappointed, you will only be inspired!

Karen Gibson Roc –NevahBlackDown


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