Blitz The Ambassador–Musician, Film Maker and The Making of “The Burial Of Kojo”

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 11.12.22 AMWhat can I say about this most amazing artist?  He is at the forefront of music and film.  His accomplishments speak for themselves.  I have followed his work for some time and I have to say I have always been drawn to his pages (social media etc) both for the sounds of his music and the visual bounty that knock me off my feet.  At present Blitz The Ambassador is raising money to finish his first feature-length film.  As an artist myself I believe we should all pitch in to help each other reach our goals.  Please check out his Kickstarter page as he raises the money for “THE BURIAL OF KOJO” – (A man is trapped in a mine shaft by his vengeful brother while his wife and a troubled detective race against time to find him.

“It all began with a newspaper article I read while visiting family in Ghana two years ago. The text was bold and direct….”Galamsey Miners Buried Alive.” That headline stopped me dead in my tracks. For those unfamiliar with Galamsey, it’s a local term for illegal gold mining, an extremely dangerous practice with little financial reward and irreversible environmental consequences.”

“Storyboards were a major part of the process. I drew all 600 frames (200 pages) of the film which helped us visualize every scene before we shot.”   –Blitz The Ambassador


Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 11.13.03 AMABOUT —Blitz the Ambassador is a Musician and Filmmaker born in Accra, Ghana and based in Brooklyn, New York.  Blitz has released 4 studio albums, Stereotype (2009), Native Sun (2011) and Afropolitan Dreams (2014) and Diasporadical (2016) He has collaborated with artists such as Seun Kuti, Nneka, and legendary Grammy Award-winning artist Angelique Kidjo. Blitz’s short films Native Sun (2012) and Diasporadical Trilogìa (2016) have premiered at BAM New Voices in Black Cinema. As a musician and bandleader,  Blitz and his Embassy Ensemble have performed at music festivals such as Roskilde (Denmark) Solidays (France), Mawazine (Morocco), Sauti za Busara (Zanzibar) sharing the stage with the likes of The Roots, Hugh Masekela, Sting, and Public Enemy. Blitz is a 2016 TED Fellow and recipient of the Vilcek Prize, recognizing immigrant contributions to American society in the Arts.



Here at Nevahblackdown we love to share information but we also believe that in helping others continue to follow their bliss is one of the most rewarding things we can do in life.  Lifting up our brothers and sisters is crucial during this tumultuous time we live in.  Please share the information.

Peace and Light




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