Positivity and Art combined: The work of Chuck Styles

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In a small suburb outside of West Philadelphia, a young artist at the age of 6 would find comfort in art while surviving the dynamics of a complex blended family, 5 compelling siblings, and eroding house conditions. Styles was no stranger to poverty and struggle growing up. His family although low on funds were full of love and support for his passion for creativity. In many ways, his artwork reflects both the reality of his childhood struggle and his desire for a better financial future.

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IMG_3062Throughout his high school education, Styles was awarded multiple scholarship programs to Moore College of Art and other art institutions to expand his knowledge and grow his skills. Although while art was fulfilling his heart, it wasn’t filling his pockets.

Chuck went on to try his creative hand at barbering, using that income to pay for his Art Institute College Education and build his name in the barbering industry across the country. Providing itself lucrative, Styles continued to dive deeper into the barber industry gaining celebrity clientele, television appearances, and winning multiple 1st Place Awards Nationwide. After dedicating 10 years to his barber profession, he realized it was time to pivot and begin his journey to follow a dream he once had at 6 years old, a Professional Artist.

CHUCK STYLES is a self-taught acrylic painter based out of Philadelphia. His work inspires greatness, drive, and creativity, speaking to those that seek a better quality of life. STYLES has showcased work in PHILADELPHIA, NEW JERSEY, DELAWARE, WASHINGTON DC, NEW YORK, CONNECTICUT, MIAMI, and LAS VEGAS!

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CHUCK STYLESHis mix of ideas that represent artists, entrepreneurs and street culture has said to be a very original voice in the art world that hasn’t been seen before. With plans of growing his personal brand, CHUCK STYLES also seeks out opportunities to create platforms and help others. Dedicated to giving back to underprivileged youth in Philadelphia, Styles works with Urban Art Gallery’s Art Program “Art Buds” to teach free lessons for introductory and advanced placement students.

In honor of Black History Month, Chuck Styles has dedicated this month’s (above) art series to icons in the recent generations that have impacted the black culture while repurposing their attire to reflect Native African Garbs. This Series reflects Black Inspiration and Excellence.

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Find out more by clicking the link below:

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