Let The Healing Begin, Sampa The Great

IMG_0758I first came across Sampa The Great through a friend.  I was instantly taken both with her performance and her lyrical prowess.  She held me captive and made me sit up a little straighter.  Her determined delivery and unquestionable confidence gave rise to my own fearlessness.  I knew instantly that I would become a fan of her poetic flow and choice of music to back up her musings.  She made me like hip hop again! The line “Let the healing begin” from her song: Energy ft Nadeem Din-Gabisi grabbed me and made me play the song over and over.

Healing is the necessary element we all need to view the better! To embrace ourselves as beautiful black people!!! Sampa gives us the visual to leap into a greater view of ourselves.  Sampa is clearly unafraid to use her artistic presence to make statements and to stand in the middle of a Revolution that is clearly making waves in the world! Her Song: Final Form speaks volumes!

Born in Zambia, raised in Botswana, and now based in Melbourne, her upbringing continues to bear an influence on her music. Moving to Australia six years ago, the connections she made there have propelled her to where she now stands. Living in Sydney when she first arrived, it was the shock of losing a close friend which prompted her to take the leap to try to become an artist. Going to the city’s weekly Jazz Hip-Hop Freestyle sessions for the first time, she went on stage to join the band and continued to go there each week, building up a network of like-minded music heads.

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At Nevah Black Down we appreciate artists that stand in their grace and give the world a window into the power that resides in the heart of a warrior! She is just that! a warrior!

Nevah Black Down


We are a group of passionate artists and creatives who believe in telling and sharing inspiring stories.

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