Mathew A. Cherry goes from Kickstarter to The Oscars with short animation ‘Hair Love’

Click image to watch full short film ‘HAIR LOVE’

It’s not hard to fall in love with the concept and visuals for this family friendly film. It’s touching and special. As a mother of a daughter with a lot of hair it’s difficult for me at times even now that she’s thirteen and can help with the process. For dads it’s even more challenging as I’ve been witness to that in my household! I love the story behind this and the presentation of this deserving piece of artwork. We at Nevahblackdown take our hats off to Mathew A. Cherry and all of those involved in bringing this story to life! The nomination is well deserved!

When Matthew A. Cherry first launched his Kickstarter campaign to create the animated short Hair Love, like most other crowdfunding participants, he had high hopes. And when filmmakers Everett Downing Jr. and Bruce Smith supported the project, it became clear to many that the former NFL wide receiver was sitting on something special.

Hair Love hit theaters August 14th as an opener for Angry Birds 2, and was easily the highlight of that experience for many moviegoers. And while audiences enjoying the story about Zuri, her father Stephen, and her hair with a mind of its own might not have seen Oscar buzz on the horizon, Cherry manifested it. In 2012, he tweeted that he would be nominated for the prestigious award one day. And just a week ago, that dream came to fruition.



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