Takunda Muzondiwa Speaks

Takunda Muzondiwa talks about the struggle of trying to stay connected to her former home, Zimbabwe, while trying to create a home in New Zealand.

“Home is a concept that feels somewhat elusive to me because while I’m a resident in Aotearoa, coming from an immigrant family, I’m in a position that pushes outside of my social and cultural comfort zone. Like most immigrant families my parents migrated in search of quality education and success for their children.

When I reflect about how race has affected me personally I realise that at some point I came to believe that the only way I was going to reach those aspirations that my parents desired for me was to assimilate to the culture and assume the values and behaviours of New Zealand, thus neglecting the qualities which were inherent to me as Zimbabwean.

Unfortunately, these same kinds of beliefs are common amongst ethnic minorities. I believe the power to re-empower those marginalised communities is in the hands of our educational institutions.” Takunda Muzondiwa

We at Nevahblackdown found this performance and poetry to be extremely inspiring. The young as well as the old and everyone in between are feeling the presence of race as a contentious issue in todays society. The immense struggle to simply be ourselves and be authentic to our culture and blackness in todays world is a constant issue. I salute this young lady for her effort and authenticity. Using her platform as a poet and spokenword artist is brave and enriching. With over a million views she has certainly touched the souls of many and created a space to continue conversations about race all around the globe.


We are a group of passionate artists and creatives who believe in telling and sharing inspiring stories.

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