Nigerian Artist Peter Uka’s Work is Bold, Bright and Expansive

Oil on canvas
66 7/8 x 66 7/8 in
170 x 170 cm

Peter Uka’s (b.1975, Nigeria; based in Cologne, Germany) classical training in realistic figuration, images from his memory, are nostalgic, and simultaneously convey innate and timeless human emotion, breathing depth into dynamic portrayals. Scenes of growing up in Nigeria, the bright mannerisms and local customs are all captured in vibrant, visual narrative.

Compositions also capture international trends from the late 20th century and the ways globalization connects countries around the world. These narratives uncover historical precedents of globalization and dynamic cultural signifiers connecting two countries that Uka calls home.



The work of Peter Uka is the kind of artistry that emboldens a culture to believe in the power that is innate in black people. This work is bright, strong and full of purpose. This work shines and makes its way through to your very soul. It lifts you to heights on purpose. It plays on your mind making it a part of your thoughts regularly after you have been graced with its magic. Bravo!



We are a group of passionate artists and creatives who believe in telling and sharing inspiring stories.

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