The NBD Black Owned Outerwear List

“The average temperature in Africa is 82 degrees. The average temperature in the Caribbean is between 75 and 85 degrees. Unless you live in a warmer climate similar to Africa or the Caribbean you are going to need some kind of outerwear for the cold!”

Here is NevahBlackDown’s Black Owned Outerwear List :


The Fancy Success
The Fancy Success

This collection is about more than furs. It’s nostalgic. The Fancy Success Fur Collection is inspired by the founder’s favorite aunts and mom. As a little girl, she vividly remembers watching the women in her family dress up in their finest furs. She wanted to bring that same effect to her generation. Furs have always represented luxury and class as they are timeless investment pieces that will never go out of style. With the Fancy Success, you will have the autonomy to customize genuine 100% Fox Fur pieces in any color and any size.  Customized pieces makes your fur special and unique. Your Fur Your Way. 

The founder earned her doctorate degree in 2021 and is trained to only retrieve facts and materials from primary sources. She did the same with the Furs for The Fancy Success She went straight to the source. Your fur will be customized and handcrafted by the finest artisans in Europe, which is home to the most prominent luxury fashion power houses. 


Fear Of God


Ikiré Jones


Nichole Lynel has had a connection to Nordstrom all her life. She remembers her grandmother taking her back-to-school shopping at Nordstrom when she was five. At eighteen, Lynel got her second job with the retail giant. When she decided to pursue her goal of becoming a fashion designer, Lynel always dreamed of seeing her clothing on the racks of Nordstrom one day. 

In 2021, Lynel’s dream has come true. Six years after launching her brand, Shop Nichole Lynel, the Cerritos-born designer and entrepreneur has become an official supplier for Nordstrom.


Daily Paper Clothing
Daily Paper Clothing

Daily Paper is an Amsterdam- based fashion and lifestyle brand established in 2012 by three childhood friends. The once blog established by Hussein, Jefferson and Abderrahmane shared a love for music, art, fashion, and culture, growing the brand into a household name.

Fueled by the rich heritage of African culture wrapped in contemporary designs, Daily Paper has truly become one of the fastest growing fashion brands out of Europe. With two collections a year focusing on both men and womenswear, Daily Paper offers timeless designs across accessories, ready to wear and a range of capsules across the season.



Milan Harris, creator of popular fashion brand Milano Di Rouge, is a Philly girl through and through. Her Philadelphia upbringing heavily influenced not only her fashion sense, but her hustle and entrepreneurial spirit, as well. It has played a major role in her and her brand having become as successful as they are today. “I LOVE THAT THERE ARE VERY STYLISH OPTIONS FOR KIDS!” Jeanine Askew



Reece Wabara is taking over fashion.

The ex-Manchester City trainee and England U20 international has transitioned from playing with ballers to kitting them out, having founded fashion powerhouse Manière De Voir in 2014 in the midst of his football career.

The English brand with a French name has no trouble embodying their well-designed soul. They have a ‘Way of Seeing’ that most other minimal brands struggle with. The creative palate of their SS/20 line for both men and women walks a carefully curated gray area between the simple and the fashion-forwardly complex.

Manière De Voir is different. Firstly, they’re smaller than their polarizing peers. ‘Product designs for all clothing and accessories are developed by [their] in-house design team, paying close attention to contemporary details to create an original collection.’ Their smaller size grants them a less corporate-centric structure, while their affordable name provides them a less strenuous environment than high-fashion houses. The result? A SS/20 line that’s casual, but unique; affordable, but not cheap.

“Whether you are on the East or West coast, you are going to need a garment to keep you warm and Nevah Black Down has got you covered”



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