Here is NevahBlackDown’s Black Owned Streetwear List Part 1 :

Since the late 80s, sweatpants and baggy clothes have become popular in mainstream America. Currently the streetwear industry is worth over a billion dollars and sweats are staple items in any streetwear collection. Nevah Black Down has created a list of best selling hoodies, sweatpants, and sweatshirts to add to your wardrobe.  

Dad Bod Sniper

Dad Bod Sniper (DBS) was founded in late 2020 by Anthony F. Patterson Jr. This work comes from Anthony’s appreciation and passion for fine and casual fashion. Anthony was fascinated by design, patterns, and textures at an early age. He remembers his Mother wearing a houndstooth garment one day that completely captured his curiosity – the look, the feel, the quality.

I love that they are inclusive up to 3x. A lot of brands do not make clothes past XL. 

Jeanine Askew

Naclo Apparel

Naclo Apparel was created by Jamie Williams & Charles (Chuck) Royals  in 2020 during the first COVID-19 stay at home order as a form of expression and necessity. At the beginning of the pandemic, the pair temporarily left their respective lives in Brooklyn, NY & Los Angeles, CA to move home to North Carolina with their families. After weeks of being quarantined in North Carolina and with only a week worth of clothing each, Jamie and Chuck quickly realized that they were ill equipped for the months of “staying inside” to come. The partners figured out a way to creatively outfit themselves for the foreseeable future by tapping into one of their favorite clothing modification techniques, bleach processing.

This need for fun, function, and creativity birthed Naclo Apparel, a brand that creates unique comfortable clothing. After being in business for a little over a year the brand has blossomed into a growing community of diversity and an expanded product offering.

We are so excited to welcome you to the Naclo Community!

I have purchased from most of these brands and can’t wait to try more. Black-owned brands offer high quality and creative designs.They are perfect as a personal splur or a gift for men and women alike.

Jeanine Askew

Human Nation


The House of LR&C was built to democratize retail and redefine the way the fashion industry works, to make it inclusive, community-led and, above all, to create large scale positive change.

It began when Russell Wilson and Ciara combined their passion for design and fashion with the retail acumen of mentor and friend, Christine Day, to create The House of LR&C in 2020. This past year the world has shown that genuine compassion, connectivity, and doing Good for our planet are the keys to creating a new way forward.


Vagabonds don’t wait for permission. 

Our community, our pack, all share the desire to create our own paths through fearless exploration; by way of travel, entrepreneurship, or being an unlikely face in a crowd. There is something special about  those not afraid to take risks and who challenge the status quo.

Our pack redefines the negative connotations associated with the word ‘vagabond’ every time we live our lives for ourselves, go after our goals, and achieve the seemingly unachievable. 

Remember, our floor is their ceiling. So, by ignoring the naysayers, doing what fuels us, and never waiting for permission —



In 1992, four friends from Hollis, Queens came together with one vision — to defy the odds and create a line of sportswear made by the people who wore it — for us, by us. The brand they started launched the streetwear industry we know today. In 2020, FUBU returns to its roots, launching a new collection that combines the contemporary and the classic.


Patta was founded by Edson Sabajo and Guillaume ‘Gee’ Schmidt. Both were instrumental in the Dutch hip-hop and nightlife community in the 90’s and early 2000’s – Edson as a DJ and Gee as an MC and event host. The music minded pair also had a shared obsession with hunting internationally for sneakers and records. They soon found themselves funneling a steady supply of gear from their travels, back home to their community in Amsterdam, which grew naturally into a business partnership.

Before they knew it, the demand started growing, and a cult favorite brand was born. Today, Patta is one of few internationally revered, black-owned streetwear brands and consists of a clothing line, Patta Soundsystem, Patta Running Team and, most recently, the Patta Foundation focusing on youth cultural education. The brand is named after a slang term for “shoe” – a nod to the founders’ Surinamese heritage. A creative family to the core, Patta encourages inspiring collaborations, cultural crossover, and unconventional forms.

Walker Wear

April Walker is a fashion game-changer and culture creator that inspired a lane helping to create a multi-billion industry coined as streetwear today through her brand, Walker Wear. As the first woman in this lane, she’s also one of the first to dominate in urban menswear, securing celebrity endorsements from the likes of legends, like Tupac, Notorious B.I.G. and even Beavis and Butt-Head. Her brand was one of the first to open distribution doors and command millions in sales, and the Walker Wear lifestyle brand still thrives today. Walker’s consulted for various brands, penned her first five-star book available on Amazon called “Walkergems, Get Your A$% Off The Couch”. Also, she’s featured in the films “Fresh Dressed” and the award winning documentary, The Remix: Hip Hop x Fashion (2019). Also, Walker is sharing with other veterans in a “Streetwear Essentials” Parsons online course via Yellowbrick Learning. Walker is a fashion designer, author, disruptor, creator, wellness advocate, educator, filmmaker & gamechanger and Walker Wear is exhibited worldwide

Nevah Black Down Gear


Instead of outside corporations profiting off of us, Black people should be profiting from the streetwear industry and culture they created. Nevah Black Down from spending a little extra on sweatpants and sweatshirts made with our community and culture in mind. 

Jeanine Askew



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