The Rona Tape by Preach Jacobs (Yall betta ask somebody…by Epiphany Castro) 

Every here and again a supa dupa one comes along. Not merely talented but just downright GIFTED. In this instance allow me to introduce y’all to the homie…Preach Jacobs.

Preach Jacobs is a musician,artist,Emcee,Journalist,Photographer and activist. Founder of Cola-Con and Indie label Sounds familiar Records.

He is not here to play with y’all… well maybe just a little because he is hilarious actually.
If little beyond decent has emerged from this dumpster fire of the past 2 years,we should and NEED to give thanks to Preach having the wherewithal to know that we the people needed something more than decent. But hold up,wait- it didn’t actually go down like that. In fact my beautiful people,it was born out of emotional survival and not commerce! Designed to be a lil sumthin to get him through the days and nights of The Rona,if yall will. So how does a Hip Hop musician get motivated to create ALONE, isolated during a global pandemic? A genre often supported by the connectivity amongst a live crowd of music lovin folks,it may have seemed like a fruitless labor. Well…sometimes the purpose is involuntary. Somehow the universe knew I needed something joyful. We needed something to spread some sunshine. Not just a bop,”The Rona Tape” is an experience. Top to bottom this EP is gonna get yall completely together. It feels like a present to the culture. A much needed distraction of 8 dope tracks to make you feel downright good. Sonic perfection with that extra pinch of indescribable magic that could have only come from what his mama gave him. It is indeed infectious,melodic,intelligent,thought provoking and guaranteed to neva make you wanna skip a single track. In fact-truth be told-you wont be able to stop listening to it over and over again. Just go head on and put that bad boy on repeat…

The Rona Tape gives nostalgia down to ya bones. Like being immersed in a great Blaxploitation film,a La “ Superfly” or “Shaft”,you just can’t shake the grooves. A super crispy production with head nodding unstoppable beats,one may wager that this EP promises to be a classic go-to for any self respecting music head to add to their library. The thing that gets me is how damn HOPEFUL it all feels,proving artistry can indeed be smart,eclectic,conscious,intelligent and funny all while being marvelously entertaining.

I don’t know about yall,but this seems to be the shot I needed. Maybe it is the shot we all needed,the shot that no one needs debate about. Perhaps it is like a musical vaccine we as a people need not just in this moment but from here on out. Now we just gotta wait for the booster. Me? I have time and I will wait. In the meantime go get you some…tell him Epiphany sent you and says thank you.

The Rona tape is available on all digital platforms along with his complete discography

~Epiphany Castro


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