7 Dope Questions for Architects and Angels…Yahzarah St. James by Epiphany Castro

There isn’t enough magic in the world. Magical thinkers more often than not-seek it. We need it to grow and thrive. Much like other essentials. Some could argue that magic is not essential to us but welp..That’s a lie.Some may say magic doesn’t even exist. Art is magical! In whatever form you find it,and when it feeds us,there is nothing that feels sweeter.

Once upon a time I met a magical creature…She came to me by way of her voice. The perfect voice.. A perfect angel..Her name is Yahzarah St James. The 5 octave iconic one recently sat a spell and chewed the fat with me… Wanna hear it? Here it goes…

1-What do you hate paying for?
-TIME! Our time is worth far more than money….

2-What’s wrong but feels soooooooooooo right? -Bacon..lol…

3-How do you get your news?
-The NY Times,The post,LA Times,gossip spots…

4-What’s overrated? -Social Media

5-Musically..what year ya got,1076 or 1996? -1976 for sure

6-Whats worst; folks clapping on the 1 or singing the wrong lyrics??? -Clapping on the 1!!!

7-What’s always in fashion? -Compassion

~Bonus question cause I’m hella nosey..

Who have you got Yahzarah? Sriracha or Louisiana Hot sauce??? -Louisiana hot sauce!!!

Ok so that’s it folks but do yourselves a favor and go on over and check out erythang Yahzarah..Her voice is perfection…as Angels always are…








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