7 Dope Questions for Architects and Angels …Marc Marcel by Epiphany Castro

Orator.Wordsmith.Producer.Lyricist.Motivator.Animator.Philosopher.Performer.Author.Artist.Hum an.Architect…He is many,many things-He loves many things and detests few,he is complex but simple,he is kind yet may appear cruel. He is brilliant but can feign ignorance.He is a sort of walking palindrome…

Definitions from Oxford Languages · Learn more pal·in·drome

Learn to pronounce


  1. a word, phrase, or sequence that reads the same backward as forward, e.g., madam or
  2. nurses run.

What did you expect??? Hell,he is a POET. I chewed the fat with him a while back. I am hella nosey and I had questions y’all…

1)So what do you HATE paying for???
-Psychedelic experiences. More specifically-the commercialization of psychedelic experiences.

2)Who you got Marc..Louisiana Hot Sauce or Siracha!   -SIRACHA!
~Side Note…I nearly fainted when he said this…I couldnt believe my ears..that shyt actually hurt my lil ol feelings…

3)What or who is overrated?
-Social Media without

4)What is always in fashion?
-Empathy. Kindness….love

5)What’s right but seems so wrong?
-Placing limits on who we connect with based on previous human experiences..life experiences.

6)What’s wrong but seems so right?-Dishonoring girl/huy/human “code”

7)What is HELLA worse…singing the wrong lyrics or clapping on the one? -For sure-clapping on the one!

And that my dear beautiful ones,is that. Marc is always a joyous literary romp. You MUST go seek him out. He will indeed blow ya mind 69 times…y’all know what they say about poets… Poem Stars shine,so the rest of us get to bathe in their words…and that my beloved ones is the truth…Marc is indeed…the truth…

Dig him here..




Epiphany Castro~


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