7 Dope questions for Architects and heroes…Vernon Reid…By Epiphany Castro

What exactly would one consider a hero? An architect? I suppose I may have some curious ideas about what those particular words mean to me.I can assure ya’ll however- That I do NOT take the words lightly at all. I mean not one single damn bit. Different folks mean different things to us as people. The term has no prerequisites,only that these chosen few MEAN SOMETHING SPECIAL to us and probably many others. As far as artists go,I’d say those who have this special sumthin sumthin-yes are pretty magikal,but to stand and span the tests of time? Man oh man,that’s an entirely different situation.I mean multigenerational influence is not an easy thing to accomplish. Particularly in these times where most folks have the attention span of a gnat. Shit..if that really. We live in tik tok times. Art is often a flashfry instead of slow roasted.As I enter this midlife time,I have grown to really dig deep and put my feet up to appreciate artists(not just myself lol) Afterall I ain’t in no hurry..I ain’t in no rush. I say this to say,y’all

please do the same. Now…let’s get to gettin about this here HERO and ARCHITECT.. Who dat??? Well it is Vernon Reid…of course.one of Rolling Stones greatest Guitar Players of ALL TIME.. Ya dig? Yep I thought so..Now it should be noted that he embodies the term art activist. His work speaks to us politically,socially and dare I say emotionally. He also has been instrumental in changing the way folks think about “Rock musicians”. I would like to think he has been instrumental in many “changes”…

Vernon Reid is a Grammy award-winning guitarist, composer and visual artist. In the 1980s, he led the pioneering multi-platinum rock band Living Colour, and since then has collaborated with Carlos Santana, Public Enemy, Defunkt and the African singer Salif Keita, as well as with choreographers Bill T. Jones and Donald Byrd. Reid is also the founder of the Black Rock Coalition, which helps combat the pigeonholing of African American musicians. Outside of music, his work includes the educational media project, Artificial Afrika, and his photography was featured as part of the Brooklyn Museum of Art exhibit, Committed to the Image: Contemporary Black Photographers.

Vernon Reid Guitar Solo @ Barnato 9/25/2021

A while back I sat a spell and got super nosey. Why? Cause he is THE Guitar Hero and that’s my business. So pull up a chair,pour a libation and oil your scalp. Let’s do this right quick..He is erythang…

1.Hey hey Vernon-what do you never leave the house without?
-A camera,iphone…SOMETHING! There is always an interaction,person or object that is a composition to be captured.

2.How do you get your news?
-I listen to podcasts,twitter,CNN,MSN,BBC,Buzzfeed…

3.Musically speaking…what year did you have? 1976 or 1996? -1976! Big time-especially for me being a musician.

4.Who is YOUR architect???? -James Baldwin

5.Whats worse,the audience singing the wrong lyrics or clapping on the one? -Clapping on the one…your audience should have a good rhythm!

6.What is overrated Vernon?
-American Exceptionalism( insert definition for those who don’t know…American

exceptionalism is the belief that the United States is inherently different from other nations. )

7.What is always in fashion? -Innerpeace

And that…beautiful people,is that.. Cheers to ya’ll and Happy New Year!

~Epiphany Castro

For more of Vernon Reid…

Vernon Reid (@vurnt22) / Twitter
Vernon Reid (@vurnt22) • Instagram photos and videos

The Official Website of the Band Living Colour


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