Here is Nevah Black Down’s Black Owned Champagne List

The most popular black owned “champagne” are Jay-z’s Ace of Spades and Rick Ross’s Belaire.  However most people do not know that Belaire is not technically champagne but actually sparkling wine. True champagne like Ace of Spades is made in the northeastern Champagne province of France and made out of seven distinct grapes. That being said  . . .

Here is Nevah Black Down’ Black Owned Champagne & Sparkling Wine List

Last New Years, I tried Wifey Sparkling Wine and it was delicious. It was sweet wine with extremely cute packaging including their signature kiss logo..

Last Valentines Day, I tried Lapin Roulle Brut. This is a true champagne with grapes from Massif de Saint-Thierry, Reims.Their red bottle or cap is perfect for any holiday and their bunny logo is reminiscent  of the fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi.

Black owned brands do a great job of uplifting where the community in which they are from. These next two brands support and payhomage to New York.

Stuyvesant Champagne

Stuyvesant champagne pays homage to Brooklyn and the brand centers around  educating the consumer on champagne with their expert oenologist.

HRLM Champagne 

HRLM Champage embodies sophistication and legacy of Harlem New York.

The brand is found all through out the community thanks to their successful Harlem American clothing brand. Both the clothing brand and champagne has been promoted by celebrities like Meagan Good and Mary J Blidge.

Speaking of Mary J Blige!

She just added a Prosecco brut to her Sun Goddess wine collection. After trying it on my birthday, I an can attest that it is a deliciously perfect dessert wine.

Sun Goddess

Velvety creaminess, aromatic explosion, bubbly freshness. SUN GODDESS PROSECCO is the ultimate sparkling wine to celebrate everyday uniqueness.

Last but never least, the McBride Sisters. The McBride Sisters  are the largest Black Owned wine company in the US. Of course their sparkling brut does not disappoint. I had the pleasure of meeting Robin McBride, who exemplifies elegance, regalness, and passion for the industry. 

McBride Sisters

Say hello to our Black Girl Magic Wines Sparkling Brut, a blend of predominantly Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay. This wine is beautifully aromatic and refreshing with the perfect balance of lush fruit and delicate tart bubbles. There’s lovely pineapple, melon and floral aromas on the nose with ripe pear, crisp apple, and white peach on the palate.

Whether you celebrate with champagne, sparkling wine, or apple cider, we wish you a happy, safe, and prosperous new year. No matter what is going on in your life there’s so much to toast to and celebrate. We at Nevah Black Down raise a glass to you and your future endeavors.

Jeanine Askew


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