“Reggie” The Documentary – Review by P. Anthony Roc

Just recently watched “Reggie” on Amazon Prime Video and was totally enthralled. It brought me back to many memories as a young kid growing up in New York City, playing CYO (Catholic Youth Organization) baseball and rooting for the Yankees and my favorite player – Reggie Jackson. I will forever cherish the memory of watching the 1977 World Series with my big brother and my pops cheering REG-GIE, REG-GIE, as he crushed 3 homers to lead the Yankees to their championship win.

The documentary is a captivating and intimate look into the life and career of one of baseball’s greatest players. From his humble beginnings in Pennsylvania to his iconic moments with the New York Yankees, the film highlights Jackson’s unwavering determination as a Black baseball player dealing with racism, his intense competitive spirit, and undeniable talent.

Through candid interviews with Jackson himself, his family, and former teammates, the documentary presents a multifaceted portrait of a complex and fascinating man. 

Whether you’re a die-hard baseball fan or simply someone who appreciates a compelling story, “Reggie” is a must-watch.

Philippe Roc



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