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Featured Event: Liza Jessie Peterson writer and performer of “The Peculiar Patriot” a must see engagement! September 13 – October 1, 2017

We love Liza Jessie Peterson here at Nevahblackdown.  She is the quintessential artist expressing what she feels is important topics in this upside down world we live in.  We must support artists like her, so please share this information and check out this most phenomenal woman on her show and her journey @ THE NATIONAL […]

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actor, all, artist, live performance, theatre performance

Featured Performance: Maryam Myika Day to Star in “ENOUGH VO5 FOR THE UNIVERSE” @ New York Theatre Summer Festival. Performances Begin August 28th, 6:15 pm.​

RJ Communications has announced the World Premiere of the one act play, “Enough VO5 For The Universe” written and directed by Melanie Maria Goodreaux and starring Maryam Myika Day at the 2017 New York Theatre Summer Festival. Performances begin August 28th at 6:15 pm; September 1st at 9 pm; and September 3rd at 3:30 pm; all performances at the Hudson […]

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locked up inside we all hide from each other hiding inside of boxes trying not to get swallowed up by crates full of promises like American Dreaming piling up like things that get heavier and heavier as the nights go on and days grow longer STAY AWAKE SHE SAID STAY AWAKE HE SAID LET’S STAY AWAKE […]

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