What is NevahBlackDown?

nevah black down is about confidence

it is about using your art, your gifts, your words,

and your image to speak your truth

it is about walking into any room knowing that you belong

it is about courage

the courage to become anything you desire

nevah black down is about patience

it is about being steadfast in the face of failure

it is about allowing positivity

to permeate every situation you are in

it is about being humble in the midst of accolades

nevah black down is about turning up your light

turning it up on your greatness

nevah bowing your head when racism rears its ugliness

it is about nevah turning down your blackness

it means shining just because

nevah black down is about love

it is about loving self

it is about loving others

it is about being proud

of who you are


is about being proud

proud to be


(c) kgr2017