The stunning work of Benji Reid, The Choreo-Photolist


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“I am a Choreo-Photolist – where theatricality, choreography and photography meet in a single or series of images

In the 1970’s, I stumbled across the films, music, and voices which spoke to me in pictures. For me art was a means to set up hyper-realities, conversations, and to curate my curiosities.

I’ve been inspired by everything from Jacques Tati (Mon Oncle) to Ray Harryhausen (Jason And The Argonaut’s). My urban and emotional pulse drew upon a cross-pollination of hip-hop and Japanese avant-garde seen in Butoh. These influenced  the way I saw urban landscapes. — Benji Reid

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From the first image I glanced at, I became a fan.  I can’t describe my reasoning,  however, I can tell you that Benji’s work evoked in me something profound.  I felt moved to go deeper into my own art.  I felt moved to transcend the ordinary in my day to day.  This artist from Manchester, United Kingdom would become a person I hold in high esteem.  He takes risks with movement, light, costume, and camera to bring us to higher heights.  He is not afraid to forge a new road or make a statement.  I feel very connected to that essence.

I’ve never met Benji Reid and that’s ok because I feel that one day our paths will cross and the conversation will be immense.



I have chosen a few of my favorite images to display here on Nevahblackdown.  Check out his Website and Instagram page to see more and of course to be inspired. — KGR

We hope you enjoy this work as much as we do! Please feel free to share and always credit the photographer! Thanks



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Hi, my name is Karen Gibson Roc and I am the creator and curator of NevahBlackDown. I am a Mother first and foremost. Poetry is my gift and I use it to speak to my own heart as well as those who choose to let my words in. NevahBlackDown is an ongoing conversation that I am choosing to have with those who care to listen. I share my work and the work of others who feel that art, voice, and expression is a powerful means to spark change, share positive imagery and inspiration.

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