Erin Robinson: Her art is bright, beautiful and full of purpose!

Creative Visionary Erin Robinson is a Fashion Designer by trade but also a trained fine artist from Parsons School of Design and the Corcoran School of Art. Her daydreamy, magical imagination is inspired by travel, color, texture, the feminine shape and the many shades and coifs of Brooklyn. She works in a variety of mediums that include watercolor, ink, markers, charcoal, stencil, collage as well as digital artistry.


Erin Robinson is an EMMY nominated illustrator for the OBAMA STORY in the News and Documentary category.  What an achievement! The New York Times and Washington Post keep this artist busy!Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 11.19.24 AMI’ve been wanting to share this most phenomenal artist with all of you for some time! I thought it quite befitting to wrap up Women’s month with a look at an inspiring character such as Erin.  She is someone that inspires my daughter, myself and many girls and women across continents! Her work transcends the ordinary and shifts us, the viewer, into a world full of vibrancy and purpose.


Erin’s work is available for purchase in her ETSY shop. Above are a few of my favorite new pieces! There is so much wonderful art and product available for yourself or amazing gift items for someone special!


Every now and again you find something extremely magnetic in an artists artwork.  I’ve felt this way ever since I met and was privy to Erin Robinson’s art.  She is doing big things and I see her having a long and prosperous career.





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One thought on “Erin Robinson: Her art is bright, beautiful and full of purpose!

  1. I just saw some of your art work in O magazine hunted until I found who you were and looked you up on line I love you art keep up, you going to the top.


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