Ubiomo Chinedu Ogheneroh (Enugu) captures the beauty of African Women in his digital art

UBIOMO CHINEDU OGHENEROH (Enugu) captures the beauty of African women in his digital art, through the art form of Kpuri.

“I am a professional digital painter and an abstract creative. In my work, I aim to capture the beauty of the African woman: her elegance, style, and beauty. I am deeply inspired by her. I also draw inspiration from the people around me, the things in my surroundings, the colors and abstract images I see. I have a huge passion for stylised forms and traditional patterns, I love the way they harmonize and blend with each other in the formation of a piece.

The style of my art is called Kpuri, which involves abstraction and the use of warm colors. My works are digitally rendered, stylised forms.”


We absolutely adore the work presented here! There is so much power and life in these pieces. These are only a few of the magical works by UBIOMO CHINEDU OGHENEROH to find out more check him out on INSTAGRAM



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