Segun Aiyesan –A Powerful Nigerian Artist

The self-taught artist relies on his spirituality, ability to be observant & experimental, as well as a liberal perspective of society and the world. Inspired by a curiosity and desire to understand the world that surrounds him, Segun has developed a point of view of the human condition that ranges from the mundane to the extraordinary with an emphasis on the meaning of life as a construct.  Influenced by the sum of his works, each artistic expression becomes a doorway to a new dimension of adventure fueled by God who provides the power and authority which allows him to recreate in the way in which he envisions.

Painting: Acrylic on Canvas.
In this work, George Floyd is the embodiment of many innocent people of color who have died in the hands of bad and prejudiced policemen, in a broken system that harbors systemic racism and injustice. A system whose foundation is built on a culture of repression, inhumanity and inequity. Its agenda is predicated on the propagation of false narratives in order to keep its minority in continuous subservience. The structure will not withstand the forces of freedom and when the dam breaks, those whose ideology is not defined by truth, justice and equity will be swept away.

In his own words: “Primarily, I try to communicate a moral uncolored perspective to issues concerning mankind, while baring an unbiased truth — even if it’s inconvenient. Alternatively, I look to present concepts as a narration that engenders hope.  As artists, we often reflect our personal experiences in our work and the societies we abode.  Through the projection of our portrayals, we owe posterity the obligation to be honest and factual, even if we infuse a bit of our personal idiosyncrasies.  As a reenactment, my primary aim is to be reflection of life in all its beauty and splendor.”


Nevahblackdown is proud to share with you this most powerful and relevant artist. Artists make statements that awaken and shake the foundation of what needs to be changed, what needs to be faced and what needs to be in conversation. Segun Aiyesan is one of those prolific artists of our times, an artist that pierces the illusion and sets our eye on the truth!


We are a group of passionate artists and creatives who believe in telling and sharing inspiring stories.

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